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Field Student Confused by Word SNOW

Tags: Humor
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On March 4th JCPS cancelled school for a snow day.  Found wandering around his front yard staring at the muddy ground, a Field student confessed to being confused by the word Snow.  Having heard that school was canceled, he ran outside to enjoy a day of frolicking fun.  Instead of a white wonderland, he was confronted by a rainy, muddy landscape.

When asked about the weather, the student said
"I thought snow means powdery stuff that has ice inside it and you can make snow balls out of.  I thought there was going to be like 12 inches of snow not some mud. At least I didn't get all geared up."

Making reference to his earlier understanding of the word snow, the student continued: 
"When I was younger, I got read the book A Snowy Day.  In the book there was all sorts of powdery stuff.  In the powdery stuff there were foot print, snow angles, it was on top of roof tops.... he made snow men.  That's what I can remember.  Was the powdery stuff all a lie?  Did they mis-word it, or something?  Could that whole book be just a lie?"

When asked how he intended to spend his day, the student replied:
"I want to make snow balls to have a snow ball war and to make snow angles.  I want to go sledding on Dog Hill. Unless I got confused with snow and rain theirs no snow outside, how can they call a snow day with no snow?  The temperature would have to drop and it would have to stop raining."

The confused Field student was last seen continuing to walk around waiting for the snow to come falling out of the sky so he would have to put on his snow boots and jacket. 

Tags: Humor

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